Pet Odor Removal

At A Plus Carpet Care, we understand that even the best pets can do a number on carpets. When it comes to pet odor removal, making the well-being and comfort of our clients the top priority has always been our mantra. If carpet-related pet odor is an issue, there are a few reasons to call us.

iStock_000009598866XSmallFirstly, scrubbing pet-damaged carpeting by yourself can result in property damage and a reduction in home value. We guarantee that our methods prevent pet-related property value loss. Allergens and mold lurking in carpets also pose health risks that are hard to quantify. We leave no stone unturned and root out microscopic ticking time bombs before they become serious threats.

Furthermore, pet odor removal requires a level of odor neutralization know-how that most home and business owners simply don’t possess. We at A-Plus Carpet Care don’t just give your carpets a spritz with an over-the-counter cleaner and call it a day. We inspect carpets carefully to pinpoint the source of the problem and destroy it completely to prevent symptoms from cropping up over and over.

Cute boy embracing his lovely dog. Sleeping together at home.

Finally, A Plus Carpet Care technicians use the most advanced cleaning products and gear available so that the final results are second to none. Our equipment can’t be found at the local home center or hardware store. We invest heavily in the right tools for the job and go above and beyond to ensure that our people know how to use them effectively.

When carpet pet odor is a problem that you can’t ignore, we’re the people to bring in. A Plus Carpet Care has always thrived on challenges and survived because we make the satisfaction of our clients priority one. If you think that your carpet pet odor is beyond fixing, give us the opportunity to prove you wrong.

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